Blocking Zuckerberg With uBlock

One of the neat features of the popular AD-Blocking tool uBlock Origin, is the ability to remove annoying ADs at the HTML level. So for example, any arbitrary HTML element can be nuked with a simple point and click mechanism. This is great for stealth ADs that somehow manage to appear on a page despite every effort by uBlock to remove ADs. Some ADs are very crafty and circumvent uBlock. Take for example this image of a smiling Mark Zuckerberg which greets me every time I log into Facebook:

With a simple screen grab tool called Licecap, I managed to capture how I abolished Zuck from my Facebook once and for all using uBlock:

Nuking Zuck

I have nothing against Zuck, I just think better mechanisms should be in place to show me ADs that are actually relevant to my interests. I’m not a ‘hoodied hacker’ looking to make it big in Silicon Valley. I also don’t own a car, AND I have zero need for restaurant booking apps:

Annoying ADs